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Mini Health Clinic

Provides medical care for general primary and minor urgent care needs.  If you are feeling sick and cannot reach your primary care provider or if you need a general wellness exam, work, or sports physical; we are here for you.  Get appointments same or next day in office or virtually.  



-Primary Care Managment:

      Diabetes, Blood Pressure,

      Thyroid, Cholesterol, etc.

-Sick Visits 

-Medication Refills

-Wellness Visit

-Work Physical 

-School and Sports Physical 

Labs: (Use insurance or pay discounted cash prices)

-General Wellness Panel

-Weight Loss Panel  

-Womens Health Panel

-Mens Health Panel

-Diabetes Screening

-Cholesterol Panel

-Thyroid Panel 

-Vitain D Level

-B12 Level




Call 352-227-3000 and get pricing for any lab test.

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