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Obesity is a medical condition that happens when someone has an excessive amount of body fat.  Having too much body fat can increase the risk of getting additional health problems.  Many factors can contribute to excess weight gain including eating patterns, physical activity levels, and sleep routines. Social determinants of health, genetics, and taking certain medications also play a role.  About 74 percent of adults in the United States are overweight, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That includes nearly 43 percent who are obese, meaning they have a body mass index ( BMI ) — a measurement of body fatness based on weight and height — of 30 or higher.

Healthcare providers can diagnose obesity based on body mass index (BMI),waist circumference measurements, and other symptoms. BMI factors in someone's height, body weight, age group, and sex. A BMI of 30 and higher often indicates obesity. Moreover, a waist measurement of over 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men may also indicate obesity. Additionally, here are some common symptoms of obesity:

Being overweight, tiredness and fatigue, joint or back pain, low self-esteem/low confidence, snoring, increase sweating.

Generally treatment for obesity often involves exercise, new eating habits, nutritional supplementation, medication, and in some cases, surgery.


Lose weight on your own terms. Do it on your own by purchaing our products or sign up for one of our programs.  All programs include consulation, follow up/coaching, and meal plan.  We also offer comprehensive programs that include medications and supplements. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED.



  • mhc BALANCE: Appetite support, reduce stress, & balance mood (decreases cortisol levels).

  • mhc CURB & BURN: Appetite support, fat metabolism, and hormone balance.



  • B12 LIQUID (ORAL) 1000MCG: Improves metabolism & Energy

  • LIPO-MINO SHOT: Combination of B12, B1, B2, B6, and amino acids.  This aids the body by increasing metabolism, increasing energy, turns fats/carbs into energy, supports immunte system.

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  • SEMAGLUTIDE/WEGOVY: Weekly Injection. Suppress appetite, keep you full, and balance blood sugars (reduce cravings).

  • PHENTERMINE/QYSIMIA: Suppress appetite and increase metabolic rate.

  • CONTRAVE (BUPROPION/NALTRAXONE): Suppress appetite, reduce binge/stress eating.


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